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Treatment Provided



Initial visit

At this visit you will be given a full mouth examination and the dentist will inform you which radiographs or further diagnostic records they may need to take. We ask you to allow an hour of your time for this visit so when you leave you have a clear idea of what treatment you require. 


Cosmetic dentistry: creating beautiful smiles by using porcelain or a tooth coloured filling materials to restore youth, symmetry and vibrancy to your dentition. We provide metal free crowns and bridges that are not only strong but look amazing.

Cleaning and gum treatments: very important to have healthy support for your teeth and for your general well being. Our own hygienist is there to help you in keeping your teeth looking and feeling great.

Teeth whitening: a whiter smile refreshes your appearance and a lot of our clients remark how it has really improved their confidence.

Extractions including the removal of wisdom teeth.

Implants: to replacing individual missing teeth or to support a lower full denture.

Root canal treatment: Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is a treatment for removing infection from inside a tooth. It can also protect the tooth from future infections. 

Mouth guards: custom made in a variety of colours

Dentures:  full dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs. 

Bite splints: a night guard to protect your teeth from wear and fracture. Also to relieve the discomfort and stresses applied to your jaw joints and face muscles from clenching and grinding.