We stock a range of dental products that we recommend and use ourselves in our dental surgery. But if you have a particular product you would like to purchase we can try and source it for you from one of our suppliers. Please also remember we have an Emergency Dental service also.


GC Tooth mousse

Tooth mousse is a water-based crème that contains Recaldent CPP-ACP (Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphos Calcium Phosphate)which has the ability to deliver biologically available calcium and phosphate required for the regeneration of dental enamel. It is an exciting preventive material to prevent decay in high risk patients and heal early areas of decay.


Tooth mousse also has a buffering capacity and binds well to plaque, teeth and gums making it effective for treating tooth sensitivity and to sooth the discomfort from ulcers and wounds in the mouth.

Tooth mousse does not contain lactose, however it is contraindicated for patients with milk protein allergies. Sugar free and comes in five flavours.

Colgate Savacol mouth rinse

Savacol is a broad- spectrum oral antiseptic and contains chlorhexidine Gluconate which is effective for the treatment of gingivitis, ulcers and oral thrush.


Cal.Dent Denture Cleaner

Once a week denture cleaner. Contains 16 sachets; 4 month supply. Removes stains and calculas from Dentures, Orthodontic appliances, bite splints and mouth guards.


Colgate Total Dental floss

Large tub 137 metres.


TePe interdental Brushes

Available in eight colour coded sizes and comes in a pack of 8. Excellent for cleaning between teeth, under orthodontic wires and around implants