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About Us

Contemporary dental is a locally owned dental practice incorporating the services of a dentist and a clinical dental technician. We provide a full range of dental treatment and we pride ourselves on our unique style, quality of care and dedication. Our ambition is to ensure our clients achieve and maintain total oral health for life. Our commitment to you is to provide the highest quality equipment, materials and treatment procedures. We place a strong focus on continual improvement and innovation for the whole practice. It means a lot to us to build long lasting relationships with our clients and their families and friends. We welcome referrals, if you are happy with our service and know of someone who would benefit from our care we would love to meet them.


We are open from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday. Appointments outside these hours may be arranged with the treating dentist.

Paying for your dental treatment

Payment in full is required at the completion of each dental visit. We accept payment by eftpos ,Visa, MasterCard and cash. We can provide information on easy payment plans using Q card.


“I love the skill and artistry of dentistry. It means a lot to me to develop a close rapport with my clients so I can provide dentistry that directly suits their individual needs.”

Diane Rowe BDS (Otago)

Diane graduated from Otago University with her Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree in 1992. She provides a full range of dental services including cosmetic treatment and minor oral surgery. 

Diane is a member of the New Zeland Dental Association.

“I love helping people. It makes me happy to see my clients more confident with their smile and able to eat more comfortably.”

Neil Carlisle Dip Dent Tech (Natal) PG Dip Dent Tech (Otago)

Neil qualified as a Dental Technician in South Africa and completed a post graduate diploma in Clinical Dental Technology at Otago University in 2003. 

Neil is a member of the New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists.

Treatment Provided

It is our pleasure to welcome you into a calm environment and offer an unhurried but efficient service.

Our approach to dentistry is one of health and wellness with a strong focus on the prevention of disease. Through education, diet analysis and lifestyle enhancement we can work together to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth.

We offer treatment to people of all ages, those with teeth and without.

Now taking enrolments!

Now taking enrolments for free treatment for adolescents from year 9 until their 18th birthday. 

Initial visit

At this visit you will be given a full mouth examination and the dentist will inform you which radiographs or further diagnostic records they may need to take. We ask you to allow an hour of your time for this visit so when you leave you have a clear idea of what treatment you require. 

Cosmetic dentistry: creating beautiful smiles by using porcelain or a tooth coloured filling materials to restore youth, symmetry and vibrancy to your dentition. We provide metal free crowns and bridges that are not only strong but look amazing.

Cleaning and gum treatments: very important to have healthy support for your teeth and for your general well being.

Teeth whitening: a whiter smile refreshes your appearance and a lot of our clients remark how it has really improved their confidence.

Extractions including the removal of wisdom teeth.

Implants: to replacing individual missing teeth or to support a lower full denture.

Root canal treatment: Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic therapy, is a treatment for removing infection from inside a tooth. It can also protect the tooth from future infections. 

Mouth guards: custom made in a variety of colours

Dentures: full dentures, partial dentures, relines and repairs provided by our onsite Clinical Dental Technician.

Bite splints: a night guard to protect your teeth from wear and fracture. Also to relieve the discomfort and stresses applied to your jaw joints and face muscles from clenching and grinding.

Emergency Appointments

Same day treatment for dental emergencies


If you are in pain please contact us immediately and we will do our very best to see you today. New patients are welcome.



Three easy steps- everyone needs a plan....

1. Examination

A full mouth examination to assess the health of your teeth and your gums and then finalise a treatment plan.

2. Treatment

Treat any gum issues, cavities, broken fillings, cracked or broken teeth, areas of food impaction and areas of infection from abscessed teeth.

3. Maintenance

Have a maintenance plan; regular checks and cleaning. Some treatment may not be urgent and if it is monitored you can spread the treatment out. A lot of dental problems can be painless, just because it doesn't hurt doesn't mean all is well. 


We stock a range of dental products that we recommend but if you have a particular product you would like to purchase we can try and source it for you from one of our suppliers.


    GC Tooth mousse

    Tooth mousse is a water-based crème that contains Recaldent CPP-ACP (Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphos Calcium Phosphate)which has the ability to deliver biologically available calcium and phosphate required for the regeneration of dental enamel. It is an exciting preventive material to prevent decay in high risk patients and heal early areas of decay.

    Tooth mousse also has a buffering capacity and binds well to plaque, teeth and gums making it effective for treating tooth sensitivity and to sooth the discomfort from ulcers and wounds in the mouth.

    Tooth mousse does not contain lactose, however it is contraindicated for patients with milk protein allergies. Sugar free and comes in five flavours.



    Colgate Savacol mouth rinse

    Savacol is a broad- spectrum oral antiseptic and contains chlorhexidine Gluconate which is effective for the treatment of gingivitis, ulcers and oral thrush.

    Cal.Dent Denture Cleaner

    Once a week denture cleaner. Contains 16 sachets; 4 month supply. Removes stains and calculas from Dentures, Orthodontic appliances, bite splints and mouth guards.

    Colgate Total Dental floss

    Large tub 137 metres.

    TePe interdental Brushes

    Available in eight colour coded sizes and comes in a pack of 8. Excellent for cleaning between teeth, under orthodontic wires and around implants.


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